It’s Hot in the Tropics

So, it’s hot in North Florida – just like most everywhere else, and all I can think about is tropical breezes, lush and verdant jungles and bright flowers. That is where the art is headed this week. I am working on two bird of paradise pieces, one of which focuses on a gorgeous dying leaf above the bird. The tentative title is ‘Seeing Red’ – not sure if it will stick.
I also have a commission to start. It will be the largest painting I’ve ever done (39 x 50 on cradled Aquabord – scary) and I can’t wait to start!

3 thoughts on “It’s Hot in the Tropics

  1. Hi Rene,
    I absolutely love your gorgeous world ! I really want to see and experience a tropical paradise, have never been, will go one day I know, and in the mean time your beautiful scenes take me on a visual journey in that direction ! Thanks for sharing ! Andrea


  2. Andrea, You are so welcome! When you go to Hawaii, talk to me first! I will help you plan the most amazing trip ever – we lived on Kauai and it is (to me) the best island in the chain. Gorgeous scenery, great swimming/diving/surfing and not too crowded…. Aloha! R.


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